Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Training Week -- 4/5 - 4/11

I skipped last week's version of this post because I didn't do much training (one run and one easy-paced ride). So, essentially, my 12-hour 209-mile ride two weeks ago was followed by a week of great rest. Consequently, this week felt really good, particularly in the high-aerobic-zone, steady-state efforts (like OSM & Casitas).

Mon: 0
Tue: 1 hr; Lunchtime hammerfun
Wed: 2 hr; warm-up ride & practice crit
Thu: 1.5 hr; OSM (15:12) & Painted Cave
Fri: 0
Sat: 3.5 hr; to/from 2nd Casitas hill w/ 8:00 ride
Sun: 0

Total: 8 hours


Anonymous said...

Why no new updates?

Marco Fanelli said...

> Why no new updates?

Several reasons but mainly because I'm suffering my bi-annual mid-life crisis. Sorta kidding about that, but I have been (re)evaluating how I spend my time. Seems that both writing and riding got pushed to the back burner. Plus, since it seems like most readers of this blog are cyclists and bike racers, and my cycling and bike racing have been pretty weak to non-existent AGAIN this year ...well, that led to no blogging.

I'll write again soon. I had a flood of thoughts back in the springtime after getting creamed at Devil's Punchbowl in the old-guys race, but I realized they were mostly negative thoughts and I try not to dwell on or propagate negativity. Then I came to terms with my lack of training and fitness and actually enjoyed my race at Sisquoc despite getting dropped half way through and finishing one place short of the Lantern Rouge. ((See, I can't even do that right!)

What I really need a new bike-racing goal or some kind of inspiration. I still love the sport, but it is such a huge commitment of time and energy.

I will say that I'm pretty fired up about running, and have my sights on two races. Pier-to-Peak (1/2 marathon from the wharf to La Cumbre peak) on Labor Day weekend, and then the SB International Marathon in November. So far, so good on that training. I'm also extremely obsessed and excited about gardening these days. We've been getting an incredible amount of food from our backyard. But does anyone really want to read about how excited I am that my string-bean production is through the roof because I inoculated the seeds with Rhizobia bacteria?

Anonymous said...

I've been experiencing the same thing this year. Not enough time for training, racing, family, and work. Thus, training and racing took to the back burner and I've done a total of 0 races this year. And you know what? I miss the group rides more than anything else.