Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Training Week -- 7/28 - 8/3

Some long hard rides, with a 3-day break.

Mon: 3 hrs; Goleta-HopeRanch-PoloFields-Ladera-Mtn-Goleta
Tue: 5 hrs; roco ride + OSM + lunchtime hammerfest
Wed: 0; vacation in SD
Thu: 0; ""
Fri: 0; ""
Sat: 6 hrs; Casitas loop + OSM & Painted Cave
Sun: 3 hrs; Worlds

Total: 17 hrs

- One week 'til 120-mile Nationals RR. Endurance and heat tolerance is good, so won't be a problem as long as I fuel and hydrate correctly. Not so confident about repeated surges up those damn hills though...


Chester said...


It is everyone else who should be worrying about your surges up those damn hills.

Marco Fanelli said...


If I had just 1% of your enthusiasm and optimism...