Friday, September 12, 2008

Pier to Peak 2008

The Pier to Peak half marathon was held a few weeks ago and I pedaled up along side the runners to snap a few pictures before joining the group ride.

This is Aaron Guillen. He is a very fast runner. By my calculations, he can run up Gibraltar Rd. faster than many cyclists around town can climb it on their bikes. Seriously, by doing some math on his pace and making adjustments for the final driveway and the flat/downhill section near the top, he can probably do the uphill at about a 55-minute pace.

Matt Dubberley has a big VO2Max and so he made a valiant effort to stay with Aaron. It lasted about a mile. He cracked a bit farther up but still finished in the top ten.

Chicken Ranch Matt is showing he's more than a one-trick pony.

Our friend Steve Miley always has a smile on his face, even when running up a 4,000 foot mountain. Wait, maybe that's a grimace.

Gina smiles for the camera too. This must have been about the 50th time she's done the race up Gibraltar. How can that be if she's only 29 years old?

This is Dr. Andy Bruckner and he's about 150 years old. He was my all-time favorite teacher at UCSB. He taught Real Analysis and Functional Analysis, which are incredibly fun classes if you are a math nerd. But best of all, he'd have his classes over for gourmet dinners and lots of wine.

Race results can be found on the SBAA site and better pictures than mine are here by DJ and here by the SB Indy.

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