Saturday, December 01, 2007

Stupid Roller Tricks, and Other Stuff

It rained yesterday. A lot. Probably a full 0.05 inches! That was early, true, but clouds hung in the sky all day long. One never knows when they might open up...

I didn't ride outside.

But I'm not a total slacker... Last night I dragged out the rollers for the first time in a long while. I dig the rollers ...way more fun than a trainer.

Let's back up for a second for some context to this post. A few months back I ran across the video below. If you've got a few minutes, give it a look-see and then continue reading...


People went nuts on the internet forums. "Mad Skillz" ... "Wow" ... "You're a god!!!"

I'll tell you my reaction: Big F'in Deal. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but come on... (Yeah, I know what you're thinking... Fanelli's just jealous of his long hair blowing in the artificial wind.) Well maybe.

So, with a glass of wine, I figured I'd give it a try myself. No hands and one leg, along with some other silly stunts. Got a few minutes? Then give my video a whirl...

I still have to perfect the track-stand, obviously, and next I'll work on bunny-hopping off the rollers. Will that hurt a carbon frame?


Pros, pros, and more pros. SB has always been a nice winter training ground for bike-racers of the professional variety. Decades ago, we had Andy Hampsten come to town. He did more than a few trips up Gibraltar. Then Phil Anderson paid a visit. Phil would do the Sunday ride around Casitas--that was the default back then--and then he'd do it again. More recently we've had Tim Johnson and Laura Van Gilder hanging around in Jan and Feb.

Now we've got Ken Hanson hanging out in SB with his girlfriend. He's been doing all the group rides and has been very restrained when us local knuckleheads ramp it up. Don't worry... When he's ready, he'll light us up like few we've ever seen. He'll put the dial well past 40 mph for he polo fields sprint.

I only did one or two races with him in '07. One of them was Mt. Hamilton and when our group came into the finish we were going for 9th, and he and AJM blew by me in the sprint with so much speed it dang near knocked me over.

I think Ken won a few races in 2007 but probably his biggest was at the Pro/Am International Challenge in Downer's Grove.

He's got a spot on the 2008 BMC team and they're stepping it up a level. A great opportunity for a speedy young sprinter.

[add/edit] On yesterday's ride Ken mentioned that he, in fact, will not be riding for BMC in 2008 because they have become almost exclusively focused on stage races. He's a sprinter, and would not get many chances. So, instead, he's planning on riding with Cal Giant Strawberries.

And now we hear that T-Mob couple Aaron Olson and Kim Anderson will be staying here through the springtime. Aaron has left T-Mobile for the Bissell domestic team (formerly Priority-Health) and I don't know what Kim's plans are for 2008. A few years ago, Aaron was Jake Erker's teammate with Schroeder Iron and I think they've remained friends. That's a good sign, 'cause surely J-Erker wouldn't have a jerk for a friend. BTW, Mark Bissell, head of the company, is an old friend of Mark Mittermiller's ...small world, eh?!

Kim and Aaron riding down the coast


I did another running race today. Sheesh it hurt! Not a physical injury sort of hurt, but rather just a really sore muscle kind of hurt. It was only a 10K and I ran a mediocre 40:34, but the muscle soreness is reminiscent of my post-Everest Challenge pain. I can see it taking a long time before running feels as comfortable as cycling.


Gary said...

You are a nut. I watched your video without audio from a hotel in Bakersfield (cross race weekend). Didn't you talk about your lacking mad skillz a few weeks ago.....NOT!

Gianni said...

I think I saw Aaron going up Mines road while myself and some teamies were beating ourselves silly descending it last week.
No time to chat at 40+, but not too many fit guys riding around wearing all pink.... well...

Yeah, the roller guy is cool, but like you said, it gets easier and easier.
I ride my fixie on mine and bump mama on her spin bike next to me for realism.

Chester said...

Had to call everyone in to huddle around the screen and check out the marco vision... We laughed like a bunch 0 chimpanzees.

He aint got nuthin on you.

Chester said...

And yeah I agree with Gary you are a nut... A nut with MAD SKILLZ!

Josh and Barb said...

I didn't know that Fabian could ride rollers.

Dave said...

Marco, not bad... to really separate yourself from the crowd of roller n00bs you've got to clip in on flat ground, ride up to the rollers and bunny hop on as well as a bunny hop off when you're finished... i can't see how hopping off would hurt a carbon frame, as bunny hopping on the road is pretty much the same thing.

Oh, and dropping your bike after the rollers, Big F'n Deal, i could have done that ;)

TnA said...

Hands down best part of the whole vid is before you even hop on...

[off camera] "Oh Dad, you're SUCH a dork."


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

full arm and leg warmers?

so pro.

Aram Dellalian said...

tres bien marco!

i never tried the no-hands-one-leg thing. My pedal entry tension is too tight, I think. But I can hop on and off -sometimes.

classic video! Internet superstardom coming up!

Marco Fanelli said...

Gary- Numchuck skills, computer-hacking skills, bow-hunting skills... I got those. What I don't have are bunny-hopping skills. I hope the races went well for you and Steve Bert, and I hope you had two beds.

gianni- I just saw Aaron and Kim today heading out as our group ride was returning. Looks like they're settling in nicely.

Chester- Glad I could entertain. Hey, I heard you put the hurt on the group going over no-name hill between Goob and Bates. Guys were asking me, "who is that guy??"

josh/barb- Fabian, Fonzarelli, Fabio... they all ride rollers better than me!

Dave- OK, I accept the challenge. Bunny-hopping on and off. First though, I want to see a vid from Aram where he does it.

TnA- wait til your daughter becomes a teenager. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

OV- It's cold in my garage!! Plus, if you can't be a pro or ride like a pro, at least you (or I) can look like a pro.

Aram- See comment above! I eagerly await your video!

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

thats awesome. The "you're such a dork" comment was classic..i'm glad it didn't hit the editing room floor :-).

And you're better at the rollers than I am...the one leg thing would have me flat on the floor quicker than you can say 'dork'.

And for me, running was NEVER as comfortable as cycling. 10K's always seem hard...

Anonymous said...


Where is Gina when we need her? Can't she stop the craziness?


Anonymous said...

love the comment from your kid, i brought mine in just to hear that. she says the same thing to me though i generally don't wear legs and arms on the trainer. she also tells me i am the fitest dad at her school-very cool

mq in SD (low cal)

Marco Fanelli said...

Carissa said:
> Where is Gina when we need her?

Good question! It's 8:05 on a Monday night and supposedly she's out with her girlfriends from the gym. (Sure... that's what they all say, right?) Meanwhile, the kids and I scrounge for leftovers in the fridge...

mq- glad my dorkiness provided some entertainment. btw, it's much colder way up north here in SB, thus the arm- and leg-warmers.

Steve said...


After 10 years not using my rollers I did 35-40 min's tonight. Thanks for the motivation. No way I'm riding no hands or any of that other stuff. I'm just happy I did not crash off. Road riding in Ct is done till March - April they have already sanded for snow + Ice twice so it's like slippery dirt roads. I still Mtn. bike a few times a week, But I think I will throw a bit of rollers into the mix. for a few weeks between rock climbing season ending and Ice Climbing season not quite ready yet.


The OtherSteve

shawndoggy said...

Awesome. I'm gonna hafta do one now that shows how to ride off of em (secret -- steer off the side, so's the rear wheel doesn't get caught inside the roller frame).

You're way cleaner on the one legged no hands than me tho. That one still scares me.