Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Old Time CX

Long before there was Page, Trebon, Johnson, and Douville...

...there was Sir Lawrence Malone, Clark Natwick, and Mary Ann Allen:

(Thanks to Dot Wong for finding this)

And some trivia for SB locals... in those results listed at the end of the video, which rider is the brother of a popular Santa Barbara endurance athlete? Next, which rider lost a National RR Championship after being forced into a ditch during the final sprint by a Santa Barbara rider? (Yes, I know, those are hard questions...)

Oh, and by the way, if you're wondering who Gary Douville is, check this:

And it turns out he can CX in addition to TT, as he is the SoCal elite champ and got 36th at the Elite nationals in Bend last weekend!


Boots said...

Speaking of old school CX, the latest addition to the 2010 Safeway roster: Don Myrah.

Marco Fanelli said...

Well that's just great Jon! Just what your team needs... another monster-strong rider. Ya'll stay up there in NoCal, k? (just kiddin')

Gary said...

Ha! I can't believe that you posted that embarrassing! Thanks for the mention though!