Sunday, December 20, 2009

Training Week -- 12/14 - 12/20

OK, I had decided I was done putting up these Training Week blog posts. I mean, how utterly absurd is it to think anybody gives a flying-#### about my training?! Even my wife can't stand to hear about it...
"...from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, and to listen to ad nauseam stories about training rides..."

Yes, Mr. Minister, all except that last part.

But then two things brought me back here. First, I had the biggest, most-enjoyable winter training week in perhaps 13 years. Perfect storm of weather, motivation, health, and available time. I cannot express in words how pleasurable it has been to pedal this week.

Second thing: a nice mention in Ryan Barrett's blog about the idea of posting training weeks. Hey, if a guy as good as him thinks it's OK, well then who am I to judge??


Mon: 1 hr; around Goleta and UCSB
Tue: 5 hrs; 8:00 group ride from Goleta + Gibraltar loop
Wed: 1 hr; OSM, tempo
Thu: 5 hrs; 8:00 group ride from Goleta + Gibraltar loop
Fri: 1 hr; OSM, easy
Sat: 5 hrs; early w/ Ben + group ride to Ojai (big-gear on hills)
Sun: 5 hrs; Worlds + Gibraltar loop

Total: 23 hours

(Note: I have some video clips from the ride today and will post as soon as my son teaches me how to use the editing software.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the difference is that you actually do some big rides where mine is like "60 min. hard" everyday because I only ride at lunch.

Karl Ulrich said...

Dude, Keep them coming, I love them. It's cool to see what other folks are up to. And doesn't it help nudge you out the door sometimes when you know that people will see what you have or haven't done each week? I'm sure the bigger nudge is from your inner-self...

Marco Fanelli said...

Two issues as I see it... First, you are not a slacker, therefore, no five-hour rides for you. Second, you have that fluffy frost on the ground. Good thing you are talented enough to get by on "60 min. hard" at lunch!

Right you are, it is a motivator to help avoid the zeros. And I too enjoy seeing what other people are doing.

Sam Simmons said...

Looks like the training is doing well! I am back to blogging and training! Hope to see you in my time here but unfortunately I leave next week, so I guess worlds Sunday?