Monday, January 25, 2010

Training Week -- 1/18 - 1/24

A lot of rain last week, thus not a lot of riding. This biking stuff is just a hobby ...a serious hobby... and not so important as to justify being miserable (or in danger) in the cold rain and wind. Your mileage may vary.

Mon: 0
Tue: 1 hr; intervals on the bike path
Wed: 0
Thu: 0
Fri: 0
Sat: 3.5 hrs; SB - Casitas - SB, mostly steady tempo
Sun: 3.5 hrs; Worlds, full gas on the way out

Total: 8 hours

- The difference between how I'm going on the flats versus the hills is out-of-whack right now, based on years past. That tells me one thing, I need to lose a few lbs. No more cookies and ice cream for awhile... like I said, it's a serious hobby.


Sinsei said...

Do not fall victim to forcing and rushing your training, Grasshopper. Good things come to those who wait with patience and to those who live life in a balance. Just like the patient tiger who eventually gets his prey, the diligent rider will eventually get his fitness. Do not be afraid to enjoy the sweet tastes life has to offer. The happiness they bring will bring happiness to your sporting. Keep your focus, little winged one...the goal is not the hallowed Balls de Moths. That contest is merely a stepping stone to later successes in the warmth of the summer. Be patient, Grasshopper. Believe and your day will come.

drea said...

Where would a pound come off you? Can I have your left tibia? I could use a good one of those.

Marco Fanelli said...

Your wisdom and eloquence inspires me, especially because I think I hear you saying that it's actually good to eat cookies and ice cream!

I got in trouble last time I talked about weight issues on this blog, but here goes again... for male bike racers, if you don't have a gnarly nasty network of veins clearly visible, then you're carrying a layer of unnecessary fat. That's a statement of fact ...but it doesn't mean it's worth the sacrifice. (The fastest guy on my team has a layer of baby fat still. And NO you cannot have my tibia! ...I'm going to need it for the 2010 SBIM.

drea said...

Hey Mark, Look in the mirror. You see me! Gnarly viens and all dude, again, where the hell is it gonna come from? I could stick your humorous in my tibia spot. Maybe you don't need that.

Lower rib?


Marco Fanelli said...

> Look in the mirror

Aaarrgghhh! It broke!

> You see me!

Not. Definitely not.

> again, where the hell is it gonna come from?

Love handles? They look about 1 lb each.

> I could stick your humorous in my tibia spot.


> Maybe you don't need that

Is it connected to humor, nurse? Definitely don't need that. Causes too much trouble. Like right now probably.

> Lower rib?

OK, take it.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice taper going into the weekend.