Sunday, January 10, 2010

Training Week -- 1/4 - 1/10

Finally got sick. It was inevitable, and better to get it over with now than in Feb or March.

Mon: 0; sick
Tue: 0; sick
Wed: 0; sick
Thu: 1 hr; Easy up OSM to watch the Burrito Duel, Vol. 2
Fri: 1 hr; OSM moderate
Sat: 4.5 hrs; Gibraltar Hillclimb + ECC/154 + Montecito and back
Sun: 3.5 hrs; Sunday worlds, 2-3 hard efforts, recovery improving

Total: 10 hours

- Saturday's Gibraltar Hillclimb was good and bad. I can't complain about my time (46:22) considering where I was two months ago, but it's always a little frustrating to get beat. My pacing was terrible... from past experience, I know where to hit certain milestones in order to do ~43 minutes, and I was a minute ahead of that pace up through 25 minutes, then cracked and lost ~4 minutes the rest of the way. Oh well, room for improvement. BTW, all that detail was just for Cookie since I know how much he likes to read about other peoples training!


Anonymous said...

Your training log is of no value. No power numbers, heart rate zones, RPE, or blood values. How do you expect me to poach your coached work outs if you don't give more detail? For example, how do you complete a burrito duel?

I come to your blog for training info which is much different than someone force feeding it to me through FB.

Oh yeah, great job in beating your age up Gib. Maybe you could start a new division, that way you would be 1st in the "beat your age division" instead of 1st female.


Marco Fanelli said...

I promise strive harder to meet your expectations for DETAILED training data.

Hmmm... how to complete a Burrito Duel... well, first you need to have a good ...ahem... camping buddy... with whom you compete fiercely at any and every conceivable athletic contest, be it biking, running, rock climbing, rowing, or whatever. Next, you or your buddy must be world-class thrifty so that the mere possibility of winning a FREE burrito will induce adrenalin production 10 times that of a gazelle being chased by a lion. Then you just get out and do-it-in-the-road with a dozen dorks watching. One moron might even film you two. Something like that.

And by the way, Saturday "I won the Women's division" which is not the same as being "1st female" ....get it?? (I typed slowly so you could understand.)


Marco Fanelli said...

...and just so it's clear, the above comment re The Burrito Duel is mostly an inside joke, for the people who were there that infamous day. I have nothing against camping buddies or thrifty people. I practice cheapness every day, but it's been awhile since I went camping...

TnA said...

You know...Pops Larsen keeps asking people if they want to go camping. Maybe you should take him up on that?