Saturday, May 19, 2007

Miley Marathon

Huge props to Steve and Megan Miley for once again (fourth year in a row) organizing and promoting the Miley Marathon, the most popular marathon in Santa Barbara county. Ok, ok... it's also the only marathon in SB county! 20-30 folks started this morning, and judging by their perky dispositions, you'd never know it was 6:30 AM under a thick and cool fog layer.

Not everyone had plans to run the full 26.2--some were running it as a relay, others as a ride-and-tie, some rode bikes the whole way, and many (most?) intended to pull out at the 17-mile point (Goleta Beach) which was also the finish, after a 9-mile out-and-back final leg. Putting that temptation in there is pretty cruel, eh!?

Lots of smiles for 6:30 AM!!

Rusty Snow ran a 2:43 for the full marathon. Andrew Maxwell and teammate Chris did the ride-and-tie in 2:15. Those are both some bookin' times! I'm sure Steve will list all the rest on his site soon.

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