Monday, March 02, 2009

Training Week -- 2/23 - 3/1

Got some great intensity on each ride.

Mon: 0
Tue: 1 hr; lunchtime hammertime
Wed: 1 hr; Hope Ranch Hell'ervals
Thu: 1 hr; OSM, 17:10, yucky headwind
Fri: 0
Sat: 4.5 hrs; early w/ Gina, then 8:00 roco to/from 2nd Casitas
Sun: 3.5 hrs; Worlds, hard 'til cable broke

Total: 11 hrs


Anonymous said...

That happened to me in Carp on a ride a few months ago, and just like you, I let the piece go around the ratcheting mechanism in the shifter. It definetly ruined my ride zen!!

Marco Fanelli said...

Ruined my ride zen too! Mine broke at the exact far point of my ride, so the return trip (30 miles) got a bit tiring riding home in a too-big gear!

Drea said...

Just to clarify, is that 12.5 hours of riding on Saturday?

Marco Fanelli said...

Yeah, 12.5 hour ride ...I'm training for solo RAAM!!

Just kidding. I meant the "8:00 AM group ride that leaves from the SB Roasting Company on lower State St."

Chester Gillmore said...

Oh yeah sure marco- blame the 17:00 OSm run on the head wind

Marco Fanelli said...


Don't you have a Bike-Racer's Magic Eightball??? It's a necessary tool in your arsenal, falling just below your bike on the equipment-importance scale. The way it works is, whenever you are disappointed in a ride or race, you shake it, and then up pops a ready-to-use excuse in the window. Too tired, over-trained, sick, bad sleep,... ...HEADWIND... , etc. More excuses than you can ever imagine.

You'll learn....