Monday, March 09, 2009

Training Week -- 3/2 - 3/8

This is embarrassing...

Mon: 0; Lazy
Tue: 0; Busy
Wed: 0; Rainy
Thu: 3 hrs; OSM (15:55) + Painted Cave + SB & Goleta
Fri: 0; Busy
Sat: 3 hrs; warm-up + two crits at Research Park
Sun: 0; Lazy and Busy

Total: 6 hrs


- I've said before that I don't think people can train effectively when they don't have their head together and/or their stress under control. This is applying to me currently. The economy --in particular, the stock market-- is a source of stress right now, along with some uncertainty about a work project. Actually, my only work project. And still we're going full steam ahead towards an expensive house remodel. It feels like the makings of a Perfect Storm of Financial Doom. Spending 20-30 hours a week in the Bike Game just seems a bit too frivolous at the moment. For me.

- Given the above, there is something appealing about the way triathletes and marathon runners approach their respective sports. They do not race too often, and they accept the concept of "training through" the few events they do leading up to their goal race(s). The emotionally-healthy athletes don't get caught up in their results in each little competition either. Instead they keep their eyes on the prize off in the future. An Ironman tri, or the Boston Marathon, ...or the Tour de France I suppose. I may take that approach this year. I'm thinking of three biggies to target: (1) the Ventura Stage Race in May; (2) the SoCal district RR championships (Elite and Masters) in June; and (3) the Cascade Classic (Masters) and the Elite RR Nationals in late July in Bend, Oregon. I don't know... it feels like it takes the pressure off for some reason. Maybe only because it gets easier to procrastinate the start of hard training... Sigh.


Sam Simmons said...

On the subject of the Ventura Stage race, I am not sure what to think of it. Unless I heard wrong, I do not like the courses. TT - Seems like a lap or two around the west side of town perfect for a TT bike but then goes to the cross - Terrible for a tt bike as its like 12-13% for a while. Crit - close to the old one in location but moved down a street and backwards - not too hilly and not super exciting. Road Race - 6 mile loop around Thatcher school in Ojai with 400 feet of climbing per lap.

Marco Fanelli said...

I know what to think of it....

I think it will be GREAT!!!

Chester Gillmore said...

Amen to that. I think we should count ourselves lucky that there is a stage race happening so close to home! This race is going to be the shiznit...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah....stage races within a 3hr drive equals big smile on my face! Looking forward to hearing more details on the racing venues. That circuit race course Amgen put on a few years ago(only lived one year though) was a good venue. Mark..are you planning on 35+ or 45+ at Cascade? Bend certainly will have its share of cycling this year....I love that area and look forward each year to good times at Cascade. Sunriver is great place for families to stay...and not far from Bend.

-Craig Nunes

Marco Fanelli said...

Hi Craig-

First off, congrats to your team on the victory at MERCO. That's a big one.

My season is looking so fuzzy that no way can I decide now about 35+ or 45+ for Cascade. Both sound too hard at this point, but you know how it is... the future is always a blank slate, and a few months of good training can really change the perspective!

Goldfish said...

i hear you loud and clear.
nothing like a new bike that does not fit yet to throw a wrench in things.

Cynthia said...

Wow, even the great Marco Fanelli has lazy days? :)

Thanks for the real post!

I've found that racing with stress levels up makes my race results terrible, then my stress levels go up even more!

I like your plan of selecting a few key races. I'm on that plan this year too. And, I know this is old news, but, great job at Poor College Kids!

Remind me.....what do you do (work) again? :)

- Cynthia

Marco Fanelli said...

Ha! Most days are lazy days. So, to your question, I write software part-time from home (mostly) for the company I've worked for now 25 years.

Re Poor College Kids... THANK YOU! I've done 4 races this year, and the only one where I saw you and received your "Good Luck" wishes, was the only one that I've won. Maybe go to more races, k!?