Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What are the Odds?

Three flats in short succession last week. I finally got around to looking at the (second) one from Mothballs:

...and plucked out this chunk of wood:

What I'm wondering is, how exactly does one get a flat like this when riding on the pristine pavement at Research Park? And what are the odds I should get it? Figure around 20,000 laps had been completed in earlier races that day ...8.5 hours of racing, 1:20 per lap, 50 rider field size average. And somehow after all that, a little dagger-shaped piece of wood pops up straight and I ride over it. I can only laugh at the improbability!


TnA said...

This was in your rear tire, right? If so, it was most likely YOUR front tire that flipped it "just so" for it to stab your tire.

That's a big friggin' piece of wood though! Wow.

Marco Fanelli said...

Yes, but why did it wait until I rode by?