Saturday, December 02, 2006

Da Boyz Go Climbing

'twas 45 degrees in Goleta at 7:00 AM and not a wisp of wind. Da Boyz were planning on a big climbing ride but I had to be down in Ventura for soccer this morning so I went out early and climbed OSM twice before they arrived. All chatty and happy they were, so I tried to capture the moment (as best I could) in the pic above. L-to-R: Pops Larsen, Ron "Lover-of-Lance" Takeda, TnA, MarkZen (a real pro photog--covers the TdF and such), and Blingerman. BTW, at this point on the hill, it had warmed up to about 70 degrees. Makes it sorta hard to get into the season!

p.s. to the meanie who defaced my banner with graffiti... that wasn't very nice, and I hope Santa doesn't bring you any presents! But it's kind of funny so it can stay.

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