Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Training Week -- 2/18 - 2/24

Rain and rib...

M: 0
T: 0.5 hrs; part of lunch ride
W: 1.0 hrs; trainer while watching ToC
Th: 1 hrs; OSM, moderate effort
F: 0
Sa: 5.5 hrs; Ojai
Su: 0

Total riding time: 8.0 hrs


JH said...

oh man....

I remember what it was like to ride with cracked ribs. Wait until they start to get better and in the middle of the night you forget that they are healing... you will turn and just feel them flexing...argh...

Flat crits are still possible with them though.

Took me 4 months to get rid of the pain completely. Hold in there, it will go away, i swear.


Marco Fanelli said...

Thanks JH! Interestingly, riding is one of the least painful things I do wrt my rib. Even breathing hard and climbing out-of-the-saddle don't hurt. Sleeping has been a bit tough though, and sneezing or coughing still suck.