Monday, March 03, 2008

Training Week -- 2/25 - 3/2

A great week. Starting to feel fit and motivated... seems to be strongly correlated with the better weather. I'm getting excited and a bit nervous about doing some of the NRC-type races coming up. San Dimas, Ojai, and Sea Otter. Is that insane or what!?! Fear of embarrassment (or time cut!) is a good motivator to train hard!

M: 1 hrs; 12 seated sprints up Winchester
T: 2 hrs; 101 to Mariposa Reina & back, 44 miles in 2:00
W: 5 hrs; Goleta-Gaviota-Los Olivos & back, 90 miles solo
Th: 2 hrs; 2X OSM & Painted Cave, OSM in 15:27
F: 0.5 hrs; recovery ride around Goleta
Sa: 5 hrs; roco ride around Casitas, 95 miles
Su: 3.5 hrs; MTB at Elings Park + test ride on new road bike

Total: 19 hrs

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