Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swami Saturday in SD

The Swamis Ride in SD is one of the best in California. Try it out if you're visiting down here some day. Saturdays at 8:15'ish from B&L Bikes in Solana Beach. Like all group rides, there are places to go hard and places to chill and chat. Being an outsider, I don't know these places, so I missed out on the two sprints ...not that I'd have a chance anyway, what with the ride full of pros, national champs, and assorted other cycling luminaries.

Well, at least the trees appear to be healthy and well irrigated!

Back at the excellent, cycling-friendly Java Depot coffee/smoothie shop nearby where the ride started, I noticed the nice 2-foot-tall photo prints on the walls, including this one above. The C-Walk legend reaches this far south!


A few SoCal masters riders ventured south of the border recently for the La Vuelta Ciclista Mazatlan including the well-known, pointy-elbowed sprintster shown above. (thanks for the pic, MQ!) Next race, he rides that beast he's on while we all use our bikes!


Steve Weixel said...

How did Gina's marathon go?

Marco Fanelli said...

Steve, Her marathon is tomorrow (Sunday)... Do you really think I'm so self-centered that I'd do a blog post and not mention her marathon when it's the entire reason for our trip down here? HEY, DON'T ANSWER THAT!!

Anonymous said...

found your blog, enjoying the race reports. I used to live and ride in SB in the late 80's/early 90's and miss the riding and the cycling community there. In reference to your weekly training logs, I remember most of the locations, but what/where is OSM?

Marco Fanelli said...

Hi Anony-

"OSM" is short for Old San Marcos Rd., which if you remember is a shorter, twistier way up into the mountains above Goleta than hwy 154. OSM is 2.9 miles and climbs 1,200 feet in elevation, and it rocks my world several times a week!

BTW, I wonder if we crossed paths when you were here... I was riding and racing in that time period. (Note that my blog name is not my real name--close, but not quite) Send me an email if you're interested in more about current-day SB cycling.