Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Training Week -- 6/9 - 6/15

Severely impacted by work.

Mon: 0.5 hr; recovery on trainer
Tue: 0
Wed: 2.0 hr; OSM-Painted Cave-Stagecoach
Thu: 1.5 hr; OSM (15:00 at max effort)
Fri: ? -- can't remember, which probably means 0
Sat: 5.5 hr; Casitas loop + extra before and after
Sun: 0

Total: 9.5 hrs

- Pretty sharp knee pain during and after the Saturday ride. Probably a bad combination of sitting at the computer for long stretches, followed by a long ride with climbing.


Anonymous said...

Fanelli, didn't want to say anything, but it looks like you are gaining a little weight too! Damn how that work thing does that!

Marco Fanelli said...


Yes it's true... tipping the scales above 130 these days.