Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Disaster Averted

Do you regularly back up your computer? Neither do I. But when my laptop started acting flaky recently, I was uncharacteristically on-the-ball and copied everything over to an external hard drive. 'twas my first back up in the two-year life of that computer. Good thing too, because it finally died on the weekend. A premature death if you ask me. I've bought five Hewlett-Packard machines (3 PCs & 2 printers) in the last few years and this laptop was the third one to die young. Yet still, as a long-term stockholder and fan of the HP story, I gave the company a final chance and got another one yesterday.

Back up your stuff!

ps. I'm going to try to give this blog a face lift sometime in the next few days. If it disappears or otherwise gets ruined, you'll know I screwed it up.


Anonymous said...

Yes I do weekly or as needed when I wrap a project.

Been a CPQ/HPQ holder since 95. As well as Dell. I buy both but I buy the corporate units. Used to be Armada from CPQ (long time ago) and Precision from Dell. In fact Ron T. has a M60 as I do and after 4.5 years running strong, even the entire CS3 Production Premium suite. (typing on it now wiating for a replacement video card from Boxx, my current workstation vendor).

Basically my advice is buy corporate or workstation systems/server components with the longest MTBF ratings. I get 4-5 years of useful life out of my computers. Have not had issues with components except those crappy 5200rpm or slower drives most cheap laptops and many macs come with.

Spec the best HD's you can and computer should last. I just don't go with brand names for the computer. Choose the component brands and specs first. I chuckle when so many say....Oh get a mac, etc... You can get crap from any vendor if you simply buy a brand.

Spec the components and then shop for the vendor that will supply them.


Marco Fanelli said...

All I want to know is why doesn't this stuff work better. Same with phones, ipods, TVs, Garmin bike computers(!!), etc. ...and we just accept it. More than accept it, idiots like me buy again from the same manufacturer! Sheesh!!