Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How About You?

Nothing like an approaching storm to sort out the hardcore riders from the fluff. If you look at this picture and think, "What the hell, my bike needs cleaning anyway ...might as well ride", then you are hardcore and I respect your dedication. You deserve to win bike races. This sport, more than any other, rewards those who stay motivated and train consistently no matter how much discomfort it entails. People who win bike races are people who know how to suffer.

I type this while enjoying a steaming hot mocha, and my bike sits clean and dry in the garage. Fluff.


Steve said...


Out east ( in Ct. ) we rode both SAT + Sunday... Sat high 25 degrees 55 Miles -- Sunday was bammy @ maybe 30-32 short day 40 miles. WE had ice on the side of the roads and had all of us ( 7 riders ) riding in the middle of the road holding up cars in the bad sections in the shade..

WE had tons of rain Wed - Friday then a crazy cold snap into teens @ night.

PS: my son Jon + I will be out your way ( staying @ Gary's House ) + riding Feb 7-21. Hope to run into you again on OSM + maybe some other rides - If you will wait for the OLD GUY on the climbs.....

Steve Douville

TnA said...

That's why I still have "Barney" (or "Violet", whatever you want to call it) hangin' around. Maybe you should pull that old DiamondBack down from the attic and come out and play in the wet ;-)

We missed you on Cathedral Oaks :-(

P.S. For some reason, Jeff has a MUCH more massive rooster tail coming off his rear tire than either Weixel or Seth...go figure...Do you know where I can find me one of them old cycling caps for days like today? I need something to shield the eyes from the tire spray...

Anonymous said...

I am drinking coffee at home too! Not worth it here in Socal. I usually melt in the rain.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments there, Fanelli.

As for me, I'll just think about riding and suffering. Visualization you might say and you know what? There's quite a body of evidence that suggests that visualization can even have a positive physical effect on your condition. Go figure.

jen said...

Total Fluff. I might have to go outside tomorrow, though. Two days in a row on the trainer is about all I can stand.

Anonymous said...

3 hrs on the trainer watching movies in the garage. Mothballs is mine!

wracher said...

I'm soft, haven't even been on my bike since it dropped below 67 deg. Haven't run either, all I'm doing is looking at Marco's website and screwing off

Marco Fanelli said...

1. Not fluff
2. Not fluff
3. Fluff
4. hmmmmm...
5. Total fluff
6. Not fluff (3 hr trainer worse than rain)
7. Fluff


Chester Gillmore said...

TonightI took my trainer out of the closet and set it up in the middle of my drive way wearing nothing but bibs , skull cap, neoprene leg booties, and big ol sky gloves... That is after I did .5 of the lunch ride hammer fest and then 2 OSM repeats... It is not every day we get to train in these conditions in Santa Barbara... Best to make the most of it while we can.

Steve Weixel said...

Tom, I noticed that about Jeff too. I couldn't stay behind him, I had to ride off to the side. I think he runs wider tires, maybe that's it?

I got my cross bike back (thanks Roger for sorting out my fork/headset issues) so I'll be riding that tomorrow if it rains again.

Anonymous said...

I didn't move to SB to ride in this crap. I will wait till it clears. Life is more than wet chamois and cold feet.

If I felt riding in the rain was cool I'de gladly sell my house and move back to the NW and have money in the bank...or at least under the mattress with a padlock on the door.

SB is all about sun, mid 70's, cycling, surf and convenience. I can wait this out ;-)


Kk said...

I went out just ahead of the wet to get one in before it started to pour and have been benched ever since with a head cold for the last three days!

Enforced fluffiness.

Can you see snow on any of our peaks?

Marco Fanelli said...

Chesta-san, Steve, John-
Is there a correlation between age and fluffiness?!

Good timing on your cold I suppose. I can't see any snow from down here in the lowlands, but C-Walker rode up there yesterday and reported that it was 34 degrees on the ridge with a few clumps of snow near LaCumbre Peak. He said the next mtn range back is covered with snow.