Friday, January 26, 2007

And So It Begins...

Some teammates are heading down to Dominguez Hills for the CBR crit this weekend, but not I. As per tradition, I'll begin my year at Boulevard.

I recently stumbled across the picture below which was from the final sprint of an early-season crit last year (Ontario?)

A couple of my new teammates can be seen near the front of the group but, and this is very important, they are NOT at the VERY front of the group. The person who is at the very front is the person who wins the race, and in this case that person was Mark-Paul Gosselaar. He is an actor. He's been in shows like The West Wing and Saved By the Bell. He is pretty; I don't know if he is Gritty. Right behind him, in the blue and orange, are Brewer and Flood. They are most definitely NOT pretty. As you can tell by the expressions on their faces, they are trying to look gritty. Those guys sprawled out on the pavement behind also get some gritty points. (Don't you just love crash pictures where the bike is up in the air?!? ...assuming nobody got serious hurt of course.)

Mark-Paul is looking back at them which is a bit insulting in a sprint, but also very understandable... I mean, nobody wants Brewer and especially Flood sneaking up behind them!

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