Friday, January 26, 2007


So I'm 45 now and after much procrastination and excuse-making, I finally picked a doctor and today had my first physical.

Upon realizing that there were no hottie 25-year-old female physicians without fingernails, or at least none that would take me on as a patient, I chose a doc who I know socially. He's a good guy who's in a similar position in life as me--same age, young'ish family, does some bike racing.

I gave him every opportunity to decline, not knowing whether it would be awkward for him, but I really hoped he would take me on. I've had some funky heart behavior recently and I wanted a doctor who understands the reality of hard training and such. We've got some blood work and treadmill tests scheduled for next week to see what's up.

But back to the physical...

Doc apologized profusely, although I think I'm the one who was most sorry (for him, that is). In an amazing coincidence, Lindsay forwarded the video below just this morning!


steve m said...

Hey mark, I just found a watch recently that you might be able to give to your doctor, since you took his.

And what about the NP in the office? Thats MC's wife.

Marco Fanelli said...

Hmmm, which Steve M is this?? The who spent a day cavorting with my wife whilst I covorted with his wife?? What does "cavorted" mean anyway?

Re the watch... so far, I've heard no beeping or ticking. And who's MC?

stevem said...

Your brother knew MC in college. mysteries. guessing games.

Marco Fanelli said...

Ahhh, got it! (There are a lot of Steve's in the world btw... even a few Steve M's)

I had the blood test this morning and then the stress test this afternoon. Nothing out of the ordinary. Figures...stuff like this never shows up when you're looking for it.