Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pics from 2006

My hard drive is filling up, so before these pictures disappear, let's see if I can dump some into the blog. I'm certainly no Graham Watson or Mark Shimahara, but sometimes I bring my camera to races for fun. And sometimes even just on rides. Occasionally the pictures are ok. Blogger needs them squished down under 100KB so this is what you get... (click on them to see a bigger version, and if you want a full-resolution file, email me and I'll send it to you)

Mothballs Crit -- Local SB showdown between Kona and Fastrack.

Dano drilling it!

Pat Flood and Jim Brewer

What are TnA and Blinger discussing?!?

Pops tries to get away one last time.

San Dimas Stage Race

"Hey guys...let me in!! You know, Toyota-United, Healthnet, Navigators, and... LaGrange!?!"

Amgen Thousand Oaks Classic
For all you guys that get beat by Laura Van Gilder in the Polo Fields sprint... Don't feel bad, that woman can really move. Here she wins the Women's race at the Amgen Classic.

Tony Cruz

Rigo Meza

Garrett Lemire Classic in Ojai
All the 35+ studs showing themselves on the front... Rich Meeker, Roger (Max Kash Agro) Worthington, Greg Liebert, Brian Cook, Larry Shannon, Chris Walker, Dave Hawk Worthington, Chris Choo-Choo Brown, Gus Corona

...and don't EVER forget about Corey!

Chris Walker, Kim Bleth, Cookie, Steve Larson, Craig Nunes

Mike (Chicken) Anderson, Gus Corona, and Roger try to escape

...but it doesn't work and Mark Noble wins the sprint ahead of Meeker and a disinterested Larson.

Good work boys!

Conquer the Canyons Crit:
"Coach Doyle" pulling past the S/F

Now here are some pictures from training rides and such...

The original bike-racer blogger, Erik Saunders, rode with us to Ojai one Saturday. It looks like he needed the miles pretty badly.

Jason has his own follow vehicle when climbing up Figueroa Mountain.

Tuesday fun and games (Mark Be-Lukie, TnA, Mike, Mountain Man Ed).

When Lance rides with us, Takeda hogs his wheel the whole time.

Cookie gives Corey and Ledig "The Look" before smoking them in the Bates Rd. sprint. I guess you could say: Cookieis theMasterof Bates, or something like that.


druber said...

I think a caption on the LA/RT photo could have Lance exclaiming: "I gotta get away from this freak with the 1/2 shaved legs!"

bbElf (a.k.a. panda) said...

I guess you could...and I just might.