Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Backyard Harvest ...in January!

I wish I was a farmer. Not a big industrial farmer with thousands of acres, but a small-scale farmer with a few acres and a wide variety of crops.

For now though, my backyard will have to do. The pictures below are from yesterday's pickings. I can get enough greens for us to have spinach, chard, and/or lettuce every day. Same with the oranges. The broccoli is a more rare treat. Not that there isn't a lot of it, but rather, I rarely get it before the aphids move in. The strawberries were a nice surprise.


Susan said...

Hi Mark,

Your produce looks great, as usual. Michael Pollan had an article in The New York Times Magazine last Sunday. He's recommending that we eat like our great-great grandparents. This is an oversimplification, but you might have a look at nytimes.com if you want to read it. Or, I'll save it for you and bring it along the next time we meet.


Marco Fanelli said...

Thanks Susan. I'll check out the article. BTW, just for kicks, I'm thinking that sometime soon I'll try to go a few days with eating nothing but fruits, vegetables, and nuts to see what it feels like. I'll have to see if there's a way to get adequate proteins, but since it wouldn't be for very long, it probably wouldn't really matter. I know that's not how our great-great grandparents ate, but more like our great*1,000 grandparents ate!

TnA said...

If you want to borrow my copy of "The Paleo Diet for Athletes", you're more than welcome...a very good read.