Monday, February 12, 2007

Score: Taggers 978, Neighborhood Wall Painters 977

It seems that every week or so I see some man or woman out with a bucket of paint and roller attempting to cover up the latest "artwork" of our local youth.

I admit that I'm making an assumption the graffiti is the doing of the younger folks in our community. I never actually see them so I don't really know. Maybe the taggers are actually middle aged soccer moms out for a good time after a few margaritas.

I do know that the people painting over the graffiti are not young--they're in their 60's and 70's, retired, and probably pretty mad. What do you supposed they did when they were bored teenagers?

Not sure why, but the graffiti doesn't really bother me that much. I do wish it were more artistic, like some of the work you see along a few LA freeways. Those are so good, they're probably legal, and nobody would dare cover them up with gray paint. What we have along the bike path is probably sprayed on in 60 seconds or less.

Two things that do bother me when I ride are broken bottles and dog poop. Even sitting here with my glass of Syrah as I type this, my heart rate goes up just thinking about some moron who tosses a bottle out of his car or the inconsiderate jerks who let their dogs poop and pretend not to see. Sorry for such negativity... I'll try not to make a habit out of it.


Anonymous said...

"...are not young--they're in their 60's and 70's, retired,..."

That is pretty much the profile for everyone who lives in Goleta.

Marco Fanelli said...

Yep, a lot of truth to that! And for those of us Goletians who technically aren't over 60 yet, we just act like we are. Gotta head on over to the bingo hall now...

Bona said...

Good words.