Sunday, February 11, 2007

Training -- Week 19

The rains never came, so got in good rides all week. Climbed five days.

Number of rides: 7
Riding time: 14 hrs
Time in mid/high aerobic zone: 6 hrs
Best ride of the week: Wed., Solvang loop; like the old days!
Other: none
- OSM in 15:14 Thursday
- Rode tt bike twice; Sat. did C.O. course in 39:00


TnA said...

Ummm....15 freakin' 14???? Isn't that close to a PR for you?

On top of that, it was after what you did on Wed.???

You're a freak. And I mean that in a *good* way.

Marco Fanelli said...

Ha! By some miracle of physics, Jason beat me but only rode a 15:18! (He doesn't know where to time himself.)

About 20 seconds of a PR, but who cares about times up OSM...