Sunday, February 18, 2007

Training - Week 20

Man, this was a hard week--not a ton of time, but a lot of intensity. Tough call whether to keep hitting it hard for another week, or recover now. hmmm... maybe the rain will decide!

Number of rides: 7
Riding time: 15 hrs
Time in mid/high aerobic zone: 9 hrs! (*)
Best ride of the week: A tie... Wed Solvang w/ Cookie and Ben, and Pine Flat RR. A lot of time pulling hard in both.
Other: some baseball
- (*) What I roughly mean by "mid aerobic zone" is an effort level at which it's difficult to breath through my nose, but not impossible. "high" means full-on mouth breathing. Pretty unscientific I know, but still meaningful imho. This week had a lot of mouth breathing!
- Rode tt bike twice on C.O. course: 37:30 and 38:30 both w/ stoplight at Glen Annie.
- OSM in 15:24 Thursday.


. said...

man, you roadies train to much! HK

Marco Fanelli said...

Well, sometimes it feels like it, especially at our ages, right HK? But just when I was feeling sorry for myself as I *drove* away from Pine Flat on Sunday, who do I see *riding* back to Fresno? ... a couple of Strawberries, including Hunt (I think it was him) who is not exactly a spring chicken. Sigh... if you want to ride with those guys, I guess you have to put in the time.

. said...

Hunt and Ossie. JH is way serious about his training and all else!! He was going to retire this last season but felt he had a bit more to show..
Looks like all that time on a TT bike is getting you ready for somethin'? HK

Marco Fanelli said...

HK said:
> Looks like all that time on a
> TT bike is getting you ready
> for somethin'

Yeah, like not getting last at that Central Valley Classic tt. I hope there's not a time cut!! How's that for a positive attitude!?!

Next year I'm gonna take up something easy cx.