Sunday, September 30, 2007

C-Walk Rolls Back into Town

Just a quick update to my final paragraph from last week's Everest report. Recall that one C-Walker was stuck in Bishop with a dead car and no real plan as to how he'd get it functioning again for the drive back to SB. Well you gotta give him credit... He returned the battery he fried to K-Mart where they exchanged it no-questions-asked. He then got a new alternator and installed it himself. That all took a couple of days.

So, he could have returned to SB by mid-week...

But... he wanted to race the Buckeye Crit in Arizona on Saturday. He figured why waste the extra gas to head home and then turn right back around and drive east a few days later. Instead, he took a leisurely, multi-day drive on over there, all the while sleeping in his car at various-and-sundry campgrounds and under highway bridges along the way. No shower necessary--the Colorado River will do just fine. Quite economical! Between his $250 EC prize plus $50 bonus, and then primes and a 4th-place crit finish (out of a 4-man break) he pocketed another $300 bucks, for a total of $600 income. Remarkably enough, that means he made a bit of profit despite his eight-day odyssey in the desert with two bike races, major car repair, food and lodging. Amazing!! He is literally the only person I've ever known to make money--paltry as it may be--at regional-level bike racing.

[add/edit]...and just to be clear, that last bit was not meant as sarcasm or derision. Quite the opposite really... C-Walk's ability to live the lifestyle he has chosen is a real testament to financial discipline and anti-consumerism, two things I highly admire.


Olaf Vanderhoot said...

well, it's easy livin' cheap when you don't eat anything.

jayzus ... what a hardman.

Marco Fanelli said...

Surprisingly enough, CW eats quite a bit when off his bike. Huge bowls of rice and other cheap carbs. It's the on-the-bike eating that he needs to work on. His body has catabolized all remaining muscle not needed to propel the bike forward.