Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tres Colores

In real life, as opposed to the picture, this pepper looked really cool with brilliant red, orange, and green. This variety was supposed to mature red only. Maybe the orange comes from some cross pollination from a nearby plant? Who knows... who cares...

I don't know why I take pictures of the silly fruits and vegetables I grow, but it is strangely satisfying. Maybe because nothing else I do ends with a tangible product. Yeah, it's somewhat rewarding when I complete a piece of software, and it does what I wanted it to do. But you can't hold it. It has no size, weight, or aesthetic appeal (except to a true code nerd). And the quality is even debatable any software developer knows, it could always have been written more elegantly and made more robust. Always.

And cycling. Yeah, hard training rewards you with better performance in races, and maybe even better health. Maybe. But it's also not tangible. Plus, it's basically meaningless to people outside of our small, esoteric bike-racing community. Talk to non-cyclists for more than 60 seconds about your last race, and you can just see their eyes start glazing over.

But everyone understands food. Most people even like it. And nobody can deny its importance!

So why the pictures? Well, a nice piece of fruit doesn't last. You either eat it, or it rots. So I capture it in a picture and shout out to the world (or should I say, the occasional web surfer or work-procrastinator who happens onto this site)...

Hey, I produced this food and it was delicious!!

I guess the logical next step will be to grow enough to start giving it away in good quantity. That would feel really tangible and useful!


Chester said...

Thats great that you produce such a bounty from your garden. I know alot of people who try very hard, but arent nearly as succesfull as you! I have a basil plant named Charley. I have a hard enough time with her. I cant imagine the work that it would take to yeild a vegatable harvest.

Giving always feels good. Whether it is a small tid bit of knowlage or extra produce grown in the garden. In fact there are some very happy people who spend most of their lives thinking about how and where they can give to those around them.

Keep digging. One day Ill join you.

Steve said...

The other Steve SAID :

Nice Job MARCO - Nice Pepper - Slice that up and eat with (40 Spices HUMMAS) Yummm.
It is very satisfying to grow your own stuff. My Garden is officialy GONE - we had a light frost already in Ct. last night. Only the few plants ( my Hot peppers ) in POTS near the house are still OK Who said we have Global warming. If that were the case I would have SOCAL weather and still have fresh vegtables to eat..

Steve D