Sunday, September 30, 2007

Training Week -- 9/24 - 9/30

Aaaahhh... Finally done with the racing season! Nice to skip some riding days and feel absolutely no guilt. Nice to do some other physical things and not worry about getting sore or strained muscles. And best of all, nice to eat some bad (good) food and not worry about fat content!

Number of rides: 4
Riding time: 8 hrs
Time in mid/high aerobic zone: 1 hr
Best ride of the week: Sat group ride to Casitas hills
Other: Ran once

- Weight gain since Monday: 4 lbs
- Average leg hair length: 7 mm
- Number of pieces of Chocolate Cake eaten: 5
- Time of non-stop run before total leg seizure: 22 minutes
- Max number of push-ups at one time: 17
- Quadriceps circumference: 53 cm
(hopefully, some of these numbers will go up over the winter time and some of them will go down.)


Anonymous said...

Is that 5 bites of chocolate cake, or 5 slices?

Marco Fanelli said...

Not bites... Not even slices. More like wedges... big, dense wedges that you could jam underneath a heavy door to hold it open on a windy day. With chocolate chips in there too.