Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sea Slaughtered

The wind was horrible, as was the sand blasting. I did fine going up the hill, but I struggled to hold a wheel in the cross winds when the gas was on up front. I came off in the gutter and couldn't close it, then rode a couple laps solo before abandoning at about the halfway point.

I can't even claim to be the oldest rider... Steve Tilford gets that "honor" today and he survived a couple more laps than me anyway.

You can go to cyclingnews or somewhere to read about the race if you care. 116 started, less than half finished, and every last one earned it. BTW, let me make a prediction: SB's Adrian Gerritts will be a pro next year, if not sooner.


steve said...

you did great Mark.
A less windy day and you would have hung in there a lot longer.

It was a lot of fun watching you out there with the big guys of US cycling.

Marco Fanelli said...

Thanks Steve. I appreciate your yelling and encouragement, even when I was off the back making an idiot of myself. Yes, I'd like to think that I would have done much better under different conditions, but who knows.