Monday, October 09, 2006

Hey, I Got Links Now!

One of my favorite things about other people's blogs is the links they provide. I can easily "waste" an hour going on a journey following links from blog to blog to blog. I suppose it's not necessarily wasted time, depending on the blog stops along the way.

So now that I have a blog, I better have some links too ...just in case anyone ever actually sees this mess! I'll try to keep them updated and add good ones to the list.

To start with, I've got a few links for local (Santa Barbara area) news. The SB News Press is in a downward spiral and it's only a matter of time before we bail if the current trend continues. I'd really like to add a link with local sports coverage.

Bike racing links include the usual sites most cyclists already know about, plus some others that maybe aren't as well known. E.g., most of my cycling friends have never heard of rbr (the usenet newsgroup so I have a link to the Google flavor of rbr. Also listed are links to sites started and run by former locals, Bicirace (Gregor Brown) and Thebroadbandracer (Ben Edwards). Steephill is a great site for pictures and video clips from NorCal racing and more. Finally, so us locals can keep up with Jake's exploits now that he's gone, I have listed the Symmetrics team site.

Although I don't know personally most of the people whose blogs I've listed here, I have raced with many of them and I enjoy reading their stories... particularly the ones that cover California racing. A couple of blogs put up some nice video pretty often: Hans Kellner and Wired Cola make great video of cyclocross. Ride Trash (from a Cielo Velo guy!) is funny but crude... let's just say I'm not inviting my 11 year old in to read it with me! Anyway, if anyone reads this and has other good blogs to offer, let me know and I'll add them.

I seem to always be searching for tidbits of farming or gardening info, so I'll be adding to the collection of organic gardening, sustainability, and permaculture links. The ones listed are quite good and informative with respect to permaculture and organic gardening at home and locally.

Finally, a few running links for any masochists that read this. The SBAA site maintained by Jim Kornell is THE source for local running news. Too bad the cycling community doesn't have something similar. Now that brings up a great, never-ending topic to discuss someday: why is the local cycling community so kooky and quirky compared to the running community? ...and I say that affectionately of course!

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