Sunday, October 22, 2006

Training - Week 3

A good week. Noticeable increase in climbing power at threshold.

Number of rides: 6
Riding time: 12 hrs
Time in mid/high aerobic zone: 4 hrs
Best ride of the week: Wednesday; Painted Cave-Stage Coach-Painted Cave; ran into Lindsay up there and rode with him.
Worst ride of the week: Tuesday; cruising on bike path and got stung/bit by big bug.
Other: 1 hr running
Notes: 16:54 OSM Thursday; 41:45 PC Sunday


TnA said...

Oh go and break 17 minutes on OSM on a "bad day", while us mere mortals struggle to stay under 19...

You need to eat more doughnuts.

Marco Fanelli said...

No, no, no... Thursday was a *good* day! I guess we'll keep testing your theory of high-aerobic-zone base training, eh?

TnA said...

By "high aerobic-zone" do you mean "Sweetspot" training?

Best "bang for the buck", baby!

Marco Fanelli said...

Yeah, I suppose I do mean "Sweetspot" most-bang-for-the-buck training. Three 1-hour rides so far this week, each one mostly in that zone. I'd prefer to go out on longer rides but I'm really swamped with a software task. Man, I don't know how you working stiffs do it...