Tuesday, October 31, 2006

USA Geezer All-Stars Set to Invade New Zealand!

I caught up to The Vampire today as he was finishing his ride so I talked to him a bit. He's leaving tomorrow for New Zealand to race in the UCI 2.2 Tour of Southland with the team that Bob Coble brings there each year. The 2006 crew will be Walker, Thurlow Rogers, Steve Tilford, Bob, and Adam Bergman (all I'll say about Bergman is: check out the last paragraph of yesterday's post).

Now you've got to be pulling for Chris, Thurlow, and Tilford because at 45, 46, and 46, they must be the oldest team in the race. By far. Bob (also 46) will be lucky to make the time cuts, after all, he doesn't always hold on over Goob on the group rides. But a nicer guy you'll never find. And he's a giver to the sport of bike racing, from helping young riders to promoting quality races, he makes up for the rest of us slackers. Regarding how the 5th member of the team does... who cares.

Well back to Walker... As we talked I started to half-wheel him and his breathing began to get a little ragged. His infamous, ever-present snot string began to droop toward the top-tube of his spotless Time bike and it was clear I was putting him in some difficulty. I must admit that I was enjoying it, but still I decided to back off just a bit to about 28 mph. That was still probably a little fast because I think he's got a slight cold. (No sharing water bottles down under or you'll all be hacking!!) Anyway, after exchanging a few more pleasantries, I surged away from him at about 40 mph and let him finish his ride in peace. Oh, did I forget to mention that I was in a car talking to him through the passenger window?

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