Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Focusing on the Positives

Here's a problem my daughter had for her Freshman Geometry class earlier this week. Four circles, each with radius "R" are centered on the corners of a square with side length "R". Find the area of the intersection of the four circles. (I sketched the problem in MS Paint with more squares because it was easier to draw that way. The intersection is shown in red.)

Although Gina and I sometimes long for the sweetness our daughter had before she transformed into a cynical teenager, we also marvel at how sharp she is and how well she is doing in school. She actually seems to enjoy these kinds of intellectual challenges, and she's good at them! We must stay focused on the positives.

BTW, can you solve the geometry problem? It took me a good 30 or 40 minutes of scratching around to figure it out.


Gary said...

I am sure tNa will figure it out. I spent 5 minutes on it knowing the area of circle and square and subtracting out all the little slivers got an answer of Z-E-R-O. Math skills diminishing with time!

TnA said...

I'll have Max take a look at it ;-)

Actually, Julia, the 1st grader is the sharp one on math, geometry, and patterns...I'll bet she'll get it.