Friday, June 08, 2007

Lego Bike Race

Click twice to play the embedded video, or if that doesn't work, go directly to YouTube to see it.

Last post, I bragged about our daughter and her challenging geometry problems. She does really well in school and seems to genuinely enjoy her classes. We're proud parents, so pardon my boasting.

Not all children find their passion in the same places. Our son is not as fond of school put it mildly. At least not yet. As he announced upon returning home from his first day of kindergarten, "school is ok I guess, except for the learning part!" And even now, as he's about to graduate the 6th grade, he doesn't much like the learning part. Or the homework part, or the reading part, or the testing part,... Bottom line is we and his teachers have not yet inspired him in the three R's.

But all kids, I believe, desire to learn and create and express themselves--some just do it out of the mainstream, and maybe not on society's schedule.

Our son for example, is way more excited about making stop-motion animation movies than about anything having to do with elementary school. He made the movie embedded above, and we think it's pretty dang awesome. He's got digital skills that would blow away 99% of the adult population. Almost entirely self taught too. The focus and attention-to-detail that he puts into making those movies amazes me. So once again, pardon my boasting.


TnA said...

WOW! That IS pretty awesome!...especially for being just a sixth grader. Man, he's got a better feel for directing, shot selection, and perspective than a LOT of so-called professionals.

It's pretty clear where his future is heading...good thing UCSB has a film studies program ;-)

Steve Weixel said...

That video was amazing. So much stuff is going digital and animation these days, I definately think there is a big future there!

Marco Fanelli said...

Thanks! I'll pass on your comments.

He certainly gets more satisfaction out of making these movies than he does about his school work. We are supportive and proud of this hobby he has, but somehow we're hoping to encourage more enthusiasm for school too. Some day...

BTW, here's another movie he just made:

cnhorowitz said...

The video is awesome. You have a really talented son. I passed it along to a few people at work.

Marco Fanelli said...

Thanks Carissa.