Sunday, June 03, 2007

Training Week -- 5/28 - 6/3

This was the first weekend with no racing since the beginning of March, and I had planned to put in a huge week. Alas, I got lazy and busy with some work and didn't get in a big ride until today (Sunday). Oh well...

Number of rides: 6
Riding time: 12 hrs
Time in mid/high aerobic zone: 6 hrs
Best ride of the week: Sunday; 5 hour ride with over 10,000 feet of climbing. This was punishment for being lazy, only it was very enjoyable! Larsen and Druber joined in for most of the fun.
Other: some baseball
- Did sprints on Friday (gotta do this more)
- OSM in 14:44 on Thursday (Garmin data below)


Gary said...

What did you do on Sunday to get in >10000 ft of climbing? I don't have the handy Garmin, but need to take advantage of those that do so I can get in my vertical training......

Marco Fanelli said...


First, while waiting for Druber and Pops, I went up and down the first mile of OSM a few times. Then when they arrived we went up OSM-Painted Cave, down Stagecoach, and then back up Stage Coach and all along the ridge to La Cumbre peak. They descended back to SB, and I turned around and went all the way back to the base of Stagecoach, and then back up to the top of Painted Cave before dropping down to Goleta. 'twas ~10,500 ft total according to my Garmin, but since I had set it to record every second, I lost the first 1.5 hours of detailed data. Note to self: in that mode, it only records 3.5 hours max, but it still keeps the correct totals for the ride.

BTW, like you, I'm considering that madness known as the Everest Challenge. Not sure I can *race* it... maybe better to do it as a tour! We'll see.

Aram Dellalian said...


Love the clean and smooth. Is the software that comes with it pretty straightforward? Simple setup? A friend of mine is looking for one. Installation is pretty clean?

take it easy!


Marco Fanelli said...

Aram, Yeah the s/w that comes with the Garmin is pretty simple and easy to use. I had to update some drivers and stuff since it didn't want to work with Windoze Vista right out of the box, but that turned out to be relatively simple once I read about it on the Garmin website. It's a fun toy!

Gary said...

Thanks, good data! I am also not going to be able to *race* it. Will be survival for me!!