Monday, July 16, 2007

Chronology of a Food Poisoning

Saturday 7:30 PM
Barbecued tri-tip for dinner, along with baked potatoes, fruit, and pre-bagged spinach salad from Trader Joe's. Only Gina and I ate the spinach salad.

Sunday 6:00 AM
Get up early for group ride. Eat granola and oats for breakfast, and of course, drink coffee.

Sunday 6:45 AM
Gina leaves for training run in Hope Ranch.

Sunday 8:20 AM
I leave for ride to meet Chris Hahn. Arrive at his house 5 minutes late. He's not ready. Some things never change.

Sunday 9:15 AM
Just catch on group ride as they head down Cabrillo. Sit in back and chit-chat.

Sunday 10:00 AM
Ride hard around Goob but skip Bates. Feel bonkish despite drinking plenty of Cytomax. Sweating way too much for nice 70-degree SB day.

Sunday 10:30 AM
Head up into hills with smaller group to take long way home. Suffer at the back and get dropped repeatedly.

Sunday 12:00 PM
Arrive home. See Gina laying on bed. Drink OJ and V-8. Feel rumbling in large intestines and quickly go sit on toilet. Take shower. Lay on couch and watch last 10 km of TdF. Feel dizzy and nauseated. Get big empty bowl and go lay on bed too.

Sunday 2:30 PM
Feel imminent eruption. Sprint to bathroom ready to barf. Nothing comes. Go back to bed.

Sunday 2:45 PM
Eruption! No time to make it to toilet. Use big bowl. First heave is V-8/OJ mixture. Next comes distinctive taste of Cytomax large quantity. Limp toward toilet trying not to slosh concoction out of bowl. Dump it in toilet. Splash. Flush. More heaves. Doesn't expel as easily. Mushy chunks of granola and oats, some pieces coming out nose. Drenched in sweat now.

Sunday 2:50 PM
Wash face, rinse mouth, fall back onto bed. Feel much better. Drink some juice. Wonder why barf came out in strata of reverse-chronological-order of day's food/drink consumption. Isn't stomach a big mixing bowl? Nod off...

Sunday 3:00 PM
Gina's turn. She makes it to toilet. Hers is much thicker. Glops and plops. Her lunch was yogurt with fresh berries.

Sunday 3:10 PM
We decide the spinach salad must have been contaminated.

Sunday 3:40 PM
Wake up sweating. Take temperature. 102.8

Sunday 3:45 PM
Round two. Throw up the juice. Body wants to eject more. Convulsing dry heaves. A lot of sound and fury, not much product. A few more granola chunks.

Sunday 4:00 PM
Steve Miley shows up like a vision with ginger-ale, tea, 7-Up, and apple-cider vinegar. Trade him a wireless bike computer for his bounty of drinks.

Sunday 6:00 PM
Want to watch local news. Surely there's a story about a massive E coli outbreak or something. Cannot get out of bed.

Sunday 6:30 PM
Round three. Blast out the ginger ale. On hands and knees for five minutes of violent dry heaves. Best abdominal work-out ever. Crawl back to bed and fall asleep.

Sunday 8:00 PM
Crack open eyelids and notice room is getting dark. Feel desperate need to brush teeth but cannot get up. Nod off between towels with wet wash-cloth on head.

Monday 1:00 AM
Wake up very thirsty. Drink a bottle of water. Fall back asleep.

Monday 6:00 AM
Finally feel a bit better. Take garbage can out to street. Smell almost makes me lose it again. Wash hands. Back to bed.

Monday 8:00 AM
Drink juice and eat fruit. Back to bed. Dizzy and aching head.

Monday 12:30 PM
Take shower and brush teeth. Aaahhhhh.

Monday 2:00 PM
Gina takes unused portion of spinach salad back to Trader Joe's and tells our story. They apologize, refund the price, give her flowers, and take name and phone number.

Triple washed? Not enough.


Steve Weixel said...

Having just had food poisoning myself a few weeks ago, I feel your pain. I don't know if I had to read about what came up from Gina's lunch though...

I thought you looked a little drenched on Sunday--I thought at first you dumped your bottle over your head but then realized you had not-water in there.

Gary said...

Wow, thanks for the detailed chronological records of your puke's chemical properties and consistency. I knew something was unusual when I saw you yesterday and you said you were suffering as we were riding in the hills at a moderate pace. Glad you are feeling better!

steve m said...

Gosh, I wish you would have told me last night, when I dropped off the supplies, that you had spinach salad the night before from TJs. I made the family chicken goolash (potatoes, chicken, pizza sauce) and the spinach minors salad from trader joes.
wait, I got to go, ....

Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I had food poisoning a few years ago, and it was something awful. Husband and I ate at noon, I got on a flight to miami for a conference....I was sick the WHOLE way there (food poisoning on an airplane is the worst, let me tell you), and I continued to be ill the entire week in miami beach. Husband had to go to the hospital for his back at home...It was from Sushi--but the funny thing is that hubby is scared to eat sushi so it was only california rolls that we had both eaten! I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy...

Gary said...

Another thought. You probably weigh 10 lbs less now. You wanna go break some pr's on OSM and PC???

TnA said...


I knew something was wrong when you were looking for MY wheel for some shelter on the way home...

cnhorowitz said...

I thought something was wrong as well on Sunday, but I was just hoping that I was having a great day. I hope you feel better. Scream at Gary, Steve, Krauchi and Druber for pushing the pace up the hills; I blame them for making you sick:).

Marco Fanelli said...

Fortunately, mild food poisoning passes pretty quickly. The human body sure is amazing ...the digestive system realizes something's wrong and stops the stomach's contents from continuing on. (Of course, it's not too pleasant how it gets rid of the mess.) I didn't try it this time, but apparently drinking apple-cider vinegar might help kill some of the bacteria.

Also, just to be clear, this yucky post was in no way a slam against Trader Joe's. We LOVE Trader Joe's. It's not their fault. Assuming it was the spinach salad, it's the fault of industrialized farming. "Triple Washed" does not mean 100% bacteria free.