Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some La Mirada pics

I was a bit too scattered to take many pictures, but I did get a few of the 3s race (with SB boys Gary and Steve) and the early going in the 35+. (As always, click on the picture to see full size.)

The 3s field.

Taking a chance on an early solo break.

Looking back to see the chase.

The chase.

Gary and Steve putting pressure on the climb.

Which certainly caused some pain.

But in the end, the field was together for the sprint. Gary got 4th and Steve finished in the bunch.

The 35+ race was part of the Master's Cycle League which seems to have fostered a pretty good team competition.

The field was stacked with Cynergy, Amgen, Central Coast Mag, NOW/MS, Sixtufit, and Velocity riders.

Small groups got away early. Here is Simon Nung (did he crash in the p/1/2?) leading a couple CCM riders.

Being pursued by Amgen.

And by Velocity and Cynergy's Mark Scott.

Soon the group coagulated into a strong break.

Liebert keeps the pressure on just hard enough to discourage any chasers.

Too bad I focused on the ivy in the background instead of on Dotsie!


Steve said...

Teach me to sprint, mini guru.

Marco Fanelli said...

Doc SS Minnow,

I'll teach you to sprint as soon as I learn how. Maybe we should get the Skipper or Gary-Ann to teach us.


steve said...

But, wait a minute, aren't we about the same size as Robbie McEwen?

-Jonas Grundy (oooo, that's trivia!)

Gary said...

Robbie is 5'8" and 148 lbs and puts in sprints that are 10mph faster than us mere mortals! He was a stud yesterday passing 8 guys in the last 150m and making Boonen look like he was decelerating. CRAZY.

Gary-Ann says go and hire Robbie as coach!

steve said...

My bathroom scale says that Robbie and I are the same height, but that he weighs 23lbs more than me. So if I was able to put on 23lbs of power (or speed) rather than 23lbs of flab, I guess I'd have it made, right?

Gary said...

Dr SS -

There is this new is called food. You should try it out sometime. Quite enjoyable.

Marco Fanelli said...

Robbie McE is also about 99% fast-twitch and also ausie, which means he's both explosive and a crazy mofo. That said, I believe a person can make up for a lot of those deficiencies with really good aerobic fitness, allowing you to stay near the front toward the end. That usually gets a placing, but not a win.

As a general comment, none of us around SB work on sprints enough (other than perhaps Cody). It's too easy to stay in the usual group-ride routines. Same comment goes for the harder anaerobic intervals that we should all be doing occasionally.

Gary said...

Marco, Dr SS and Mr Hammer and I have decided that some group training sprints are in order if you wanna join us. Dr SS also is looking for a volunteer to try to knock him over on the bike. There has been an overwhelming response to this...

TnA said...

Count me in on the sprint sessions... you think we should see about getting someone who actually knows how to sprint to help us?

Just thinkin' out loud...