Monday, July 23, 2007

Our Family of Roadies

Gina heading out on the bike course for the SB Duathlon on Sunday. She's got a 1/2-Ironman coming up in a couple weeks, and she can ride 60 miles pretty comfortably now!

A quick swap-out of Gina's seat-post and seat, jam Brian's BMX seat/post all the way down, and voila... he's got a road bike to ride! And their feet are close in size so he's even got SPD-cleated shoes to wear. He even agreed to wear a pair of dork pants, i.e., cycling shorts.

Two rides now, and he seems to really like the faster roll of a road bike.

Oh yeah, the last member of the family... my teenage daughter.

On a road bike?? Wearing dork pants?!?!



Jason said...

That's great that the family (minus the teenage daugther!)has some interest. My wife's bike collects dust, but I just got my 9 year old a mountain bike. We will see.

TnA said...

Hey...where's Gina's aerobars? I've got some clip-ons she can borrow.

You need to let her borrow your "go fast" wheels too. Don't be holdin' out on your sweetie...;-)

Sign Brian up for the Kid's Tri on Saturday! Max is doing it.

Steve Weixel said...

It was nice to see Brian out there today, and a nice 3/4 mile ride with you guys. Tell your daughter that not all cycling clothes have to be "dork pants", Assos has some pretty fashionable knickers.

Marco Fanelli said...


I've offered her aero bars but she declined. I also offered a low-rolling-resistance tire option, although I also mentioned the slightly higher flat-tire risk. She opted for Pro-Race 2s. As for the aero wheels ...are you nutz!?! Those are so bling that I have a hard time justifying their use. One little mishap and $$$$$$$$...

Marco the Cheapo

Chester said...

Family is pretty huge. My mom and sister are in town this week. So Ive been on a couple of ocean swims and rides with them. The only problem with my mom and cycling is psycological. She hit a pig when she was decending on a bicycle tour of new zeland. Whenever she rides she has visions of little pigs running out in front of her bicycle... needless to say we take it easy on the downhills, which is just fine by me.

Linnea said...

Oh c'mon! Haven't you told her about all the junior guys who also wear spandex? :-)

Why do girls ride bikes? Because the guys are hot. Duh.

(And it's fun too, I guess...)

Marco Fanelli said...

Linnea, that would be about the only thing that might work. Well, maybe a ride to Urban Outfitter or Hollister of A&F might work too. Especially if there were jr guys going along!

Steve Weixel said...

Since Gina doesn't have her own blog, this will have to be close enough. Gina, good luck in your tri tomorrow. Finish that run strong!