Friday, August 31, 2007

Reading Is Fun!

Kids back in school... Daddy should set a good example by reading... Hope they don't notice that my eyelids are shut half the time!

So I just finished this little gem by David Walsh. The guy's got a huge chip on his shoulder because he was unable to bring down King Lance with LA Confidential so he tried again with this book.

Oy Vey!!

There's no doubt left... the Pro Tour peloton is doped for sure. But who's to blame? And how can it get fixed?

All Walsh does is present loads and loads of circumstantial evidence. Can't say he put any thought into workable solutions. But then again, that's not his job. He's a sports writer, and he wants to sell books. And bring down LA's legacy.


It's only natural that we choose to watch, listen, and read sources of information that agree with our preconceived notions about the world. Blue people watch CNN; Red people watch FOX. Blue people read the NY Times; Red people read the Wall Street Journal. But of course there is crossover too... I'm a Blue person and I read the WSJ every day. A week or two ago it had a review of the book shown at the right, The Death of the Grown Up.

The author is quite conservative, which normally is enough reason for me to pass on the book. But in this case her premise was intriguing, namely that the current generation of Grown Ups does not act its age. Whatever that means.

In some form or another--which I haven't yet explored--that idea hits home with me. I'm in my mid-40's with wife and kids, yet I still don't "feel" grown up. I can say for certain that my day-to-day life is significantly different than that of my parents and certainly even more so than that of my grandparents. I'm not passing judgement one way or the other, just sayin'...

The first few pages have been aggravating. She starts off focusing on how today's adults dress (backwards B-Ball caps, hip-huggers, etc.) and what they choose to watch for entertainment (SpongeBob). Give me a break!! Who cares about such superficial stuff as that!?!

Anyway, it'll be a good exercise in being open-minded to other view-points, and I might even learn a thing or two. I'll let you know if she makes any good points.


In other news, I did a 100-mile solo ride (mostly) in the 95-degree heat of the Santa Ynez Valley today. Gotta get over there more often... the roads are empty during the week! The return trip on hwy 154 is a bit scary though ...extra motivation to jam over the hills!


TnA said...

Oh...grow up, ya hip-hugger lovin', backwards cap-wearin', sponge-bob watchin', bicycle ridin' juvenile!

BTW, I'll let you borrow my copy of "Positively False" if you let me borrow "Lance to Landis". Deal?

Gary said...

You two may not be grown up, but you are still old.

Marco Fanelli said...

TnA- Deal.

Whippersnapper Gary- We in the AARP prefer to be called "mature", "seasoned", or "experienced" instead of "old"

Chester said...

I read that book too. couldnt put it down. It bummed me out BIG TIME.