Monday, August 13, 2007

Training Week -- 8/6 - 8/12

Sore and heavy legs until the end of the week. Hopefully I've turned a corner and can now build up again (too bad the season's almost over!)

Number of rides: 7
Riding time: 13 hrs
Time in mid/high aerobic zone: 5 hrs
Best ride of the week: Refugio climb and tail-wind ride home on 101
Other: none

- This month-long sluggish feeling has been a mystery to me. I got lots of rest and should've felt great over the last few weeks. Maybe I need to recalibrate my sense on training load and recovery at my advanced age. I know that the same training scenario would have produced radically different results 10-15 years ago. Anyway, it makes me curious to try some of that fancy power-training mumbo-jumbo like TSS and CTL and blah, blah, blah... Two things would be required: (1) getting a power meter; and (2) learning wtf all those acronyms mean and how to use them!

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