Monday, August 13, 2007

SLO Crit -- Part 2

Some random ramblings and amateur-quality pics from the SLO Crit yesterday...

First, gotta apologize for a couple things. I wasn't totally focused on the races and only saw bits and pieces between lunch(es) and shopping and chit-chat, therefore, I can't really tell you any stories worth a darn. Fortunately, the world is full of bloggers so I'll point you to some other sites for better stories and coverage as appropriate. Also need to say sorry for the picture quality ...there was lots of shade on the course and I don't know how to take pictures in shade. Or sunshine for that matter. You'll get what you pay for here! BTW, if you want some quality shots, wander on over to Steve Weixel's blog 'cause I think he'll be posting some soon.


We arrived during the 4's race just in time to see a break with Cal Poly's David DuBois (the kid who's been out on the SB rides this summer). Soon TGI/Hazard's teammate Geoff Gray shot out of the field and latched on the back of the break but unfortunately they got caught just before the end. On bell lap, a guy crashed on the perfectly straight and smooth backstretch and that disrupted Geoff's and TnA's opportunity to sprint.

Next was the Women's 3-4 race and just before it started I finally met fellow blogger Cynthia who may or may not write about her race! But local Echelon gal Kimberly did.

Kimberly won the W4 race and Cynthia hung on to the 3s for awhile before drifting back to a pack of 4s. Nice riding!

Next up was 45+ and I wrote about that in the last post so we'll just move on...

Then SLO showed its funk with a cool parade of kids and grown-ups riding all sorts of bizarre contraptions. Like this...

Real racing resumed with the 3's and SB was represented with Gary, Mondo, and Chris Ellefson (sp?).

Chris was very active.

Gary continued his nice results in the crits and snagged a 3rd. Read about it here.

The 35+ raced during our lunch. No pics except for this grainy one of Choo-choo Brown making a huge effort with two laps to go that helped pull back a great solo break by Amgen's Mike Onkels.

Bell lap saw Dirk Copeland giving a great leadout to teammate Pat Briggs who won it for Cal-Giant Strawberries.

The Women 123 race was exciting and fast but I can't tell you what happened because we were on the back side of the course for most of it. Here's a pic from the front side...

Last race of the day was p/1/2. I could only convince Gina and Brian to stay for half of it, and that cost me a commitment to vacuum the entire house. So I hope you appreciate the pics!

Lap #1 and MarkZen is up front along with Nick Nitro and Neil Shirley (and a Lombardi's guy whose name I don't know).

Lap #2 and they're still up front. Zen looks a bit more pained now though!

Zen on the fence.

J-Rop and Cookie with a RHVillain inbetween.

Had the pleasure of saying "hey" to Mike White who I raced with a decade ago. Mike's a great guy who lives in SLO and owns Boo Boo Records which is a music lover's heaven! Stop by some time.

I busted Doug Knox holding a secret meeting with a few of next year's Time Factory Team riders. I'd tell you more but then I'd have to kill you...

MarkZen got hisself in a nifty little move with a C-Walk motor. It had the essential ingredient, namely a strawberry.

It's usually not a good sign when CW looks back. You want him focused on the road ahead. If he looks back, it usually means the chase is coming, or he wants to spit on you 'cause you're not working hard enough.

J-Rop made a big effort to get across to them...

...but unfortunately for the break, Daniel got on the front and took a two-lap pull to bring them back.

He looked for some help but I don't think he got any. I had picked Daniel to win this race, thinking he would drive a break of 5-10 guys and then blast out of it for a cool solo win. I think he could take on the entire Strawberry squad.

Unfortunately it didn't come to pass as he got caught up in a crash and snapped his forks. Game over.

Some pics from the front side...

Cookie working at the front.

SLO resident pro Ken Hanson pulling our heroes.

J-Rop bustin' a move.

Nick Nitro putting on a show for home-town folks

Parting shots before hitting the road yesterday (only half way through the race)...

Neil Shirley was very active and had a long solo escape. Does he live in SLO too? He certainly rode inspired. He ultimately made it into the winning move and placed 3rd.

C-Walk was also very active (what else is new?!) and this is the view most of the field had of him for most of the race. Dang! What a bony butt!! Natch, he made it into the winning move too.

I've seen Cookie carrying his bottle in his teeth a bunch of times this year. Must be an old tri habit or something.

Colter had the helmet cam. He says he'll have video posted on youtube soon. Check for it here later in the week.

Sorry folks, no pics of the end. I better go vacuum now...


Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

marco:thanks for the mention...does this mean I'm going to win my next race, too? cool to have so many SB folks out there racing-makes it fun!

Steve Weixel said...

FINALLY got some pictures up on my blog. The problem with taking so many pictures in RAW is that takes forever to go through them.

Men's Cat 5

Men’s Cat 4, Women’s Cat 3/4, Masters 45+/55+

Men’s Cat 3, Masters 35+

Women’s Pro/1/2/3, Men’s Pro/1/2

Marco Fanelli said...

Great pictures Steve! As usual.