Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Broken J's

Jason Hannon is one tough mofo. He already had surgery scheduled in November for some pain in his shoulder. Yes, you read that correctly... voluntary surgery. But then yesterday he thought, what the hell, might as well try some flips and stuff on the mountain bike whilst riding 20 mph on the hard dirt. Result: 5th-degree shoulder separation. Read the details on Gary's blog. (Hey Jason, did you know this pic would get posted all over the internet??)

Jake Erker is also one tough mofo. Read about his trip from hell, concluding at the final stage of the Tour of Missouri with a not-so-nice take-down from a moto carrying a cameraman. Result: clean break of the clavicle (pic at right). Surgery was scheduled for this morning, but just before cutting him open, the doc decided instead to let the bones try to heal naturally. Good call in my opinion, since it's the end of the year and all.

Heal fast Jason and Jake.


TnA said...

Ouch. Times 2. Jakes break X-ray looks a lot like mine did (except I had an extra piece broken off in the middle.) Hmm...those ends are pretty well separated and overlapped...I'm no expert, but I'm not thinking that will heal too quickly on it's own. Do you still have that paper I sent you that has the healing time prediction curves based on the severity of the break and your age? If not, let him know that I could send him the .pdf if he's interested. Just thought it might help decide whether he gets it fixed right away or not.

Anonymous said...

Hey there tna,
thanks for the offer of the pdf. If you have it, please pass it along to Marco. Yesterday before surgery they did a new x-ray which showed the bones closer together and parallel to eachother. The corners are almost touching so I think my shoulder has come up quite a bit over the week. So this is why the doc didn't want to operate.


Jason said...

Thanks for the well wishes Marco (and the posted pict!). The Professor and those damn cell phone cameras. Should of used one to document Gary and him sharing a bed at EC.

Hhhmmm, getting taken down by moto at ToM or getting taken out by a dog at Ellwood. Jake's is sooooo much cooler.

blue squirrel said...

all my best to j and j for a successful recovery. a veteran of 4 breaks and now one plate, it is never easy and the breaks are never the same. needless to say i am done breaking mine...