Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Training Week -- 10/8 - 10/14

Lots of cross training, and lots of eating.

Number of rides: 2
Riding time: 2 hrs
Time in mid/high aerobic zone: 1 hr
Best ride of the week: Thu lunch-time climbing
Other: Ran twice; lifted once; lots of walking
- OSM in 16:50 at comfortable effort
- having asthma problems when running


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you liked PDX. We had a ton of fun showing you guys around abit. I really liked the hockey game too. You guys are always welcome to visit! Our house does have lots of room, you know!! oh and one very muddy dog.
It was fun!

Marco Fanelli said...


We had a great time, and it was especially fun hanging out wth you and Jake. And Emma is just about the best dog I've ever seen!