Monday, October 08, 2007

Good Aerobic Work...

...being done by the microbes in my compost pile.

I finally took advantage of Starbucks' offer of coffee grounds for composting. The one over in Camino Real Marketplace has a bucket where they regularly put bagged grounds for customers to take. I got two last week. Each bag weighs 5-10 lbs.

Then, one of Gina's coworkers who is also a barista downtown brought us a huge bag of grounds, maybe 50 lbs! I mixed it all into the existing pile, along with a bunch of Westringia trimmings for a good fiber-to-nitrogen ratio, and the pile heated up within a day to over 130 degrees. That's just about hot enough to kill the weed seeds and undesirable pathogens.

But I know the pile would prefer grounds from a local business, so maybe next I'll hit up Anna's Bakery and the Daily Grind!

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