Friday, November 16, 2007

Borrowing Some Funny Stuff...

Just ran into Mondo and James "working" at the coffee shop, and James busted my chops for not updating...

but, but, but... I got nothin'

Hmmm, what to do??? Hey I know, how about borrow some scribblins from somebody else!!

So, without permission, straight from the Mike Jones archives I give you:

What kind of Cyclist are you?
Take this easy quiz and find out.

A roof rack on a car is.......

A: Very Functional
B: So Cool Looking especially with a fairing with tons of stickers
C: Only to be put on when absolutely neccesary
D: would make my car double in value

USCF and NORBA stickers ..............

A: are Cool to put in your shop, on your workstand or toolbox.
B: always go on my bumper or back window of my vehicles.
C: still sitting in the evelope they came the landfill
D: Are holding my bumper of my car together

You get a flat tire on the a group ride...........

A: and you fix it in within 5 minutes and have all the tools neccesary
B: Fix it in less than 2 mintues with your co2 because you have flat changing time trials at home
C: Play it cool, tell the group to go ahead,Have all the tools, change it with frame pump and then chase back on to the group.
D: ask the group: "Hey man, i am fresh out of tubes, can I bum one?"

You believe that riding without a helmet is...........

A: totally stupid but up to the individual
B: Totally ridiculous because you have the same helmet Lance wears and want to show it off
C: Not the best thing to do but 30+ hours in the saddle its nice to not wear one.
D: Cool, cuz your last one got top dollar on ebay and havent owned once since.

A 6 hour ride consists of........................

A. a super fast century
B: 1.5 hours of getting ready, 1.5 hours to the coffee shop, 1.5 hours at the coffee shop, 1 hour hanging out at the local shop, .5 hours in the car after your wife came to pick you up.
C: 3 hours out to a store, turn around and come back.
D: 25 minutes up a ski lift getting stoned, 5 minutes back down, 12 times

You use Internet cycling sites to......................

A: Look for group rides and chat with fellow cyclists
B: Get the latest on new gear, find out what gear lance is riding, and look at pictures of Lance for your screensaver
C: Look for pictures of yourself, articles that mention you and read others diaries for accuracy
D: nothing since you dont own a computer

You think Light lycra shoe covers ........................

A: are Nice, but too expensive for what little benefit they give you
B: the coolest thing ever and wear them all the time, and are certain they reduced your Time Trial personal record by over a minute.
C: are only to be worn during time trials
D: are good to clean the mud off your chain.

Your State Time trial Championships are coming up, you.........

A: volunteer to do the turnaround for the local club
B: Take a week off from work, Travel to Boulder with your frequent flier miles and train at altitude, take a MPEG of the course and watch it nonstop and carbo load the night before
C: Go and get beat by a Local Master
D: Volunteer at the turnaround as part of your Court Appointed Community service obligations

The last bike related part you bought was...................

A: On sale at the local shop
B; a smoking deal on ebay
C: Over ten years ago
D: stolen

There is a regional bike race about 70 miles from your home on saturday............

A: and you will miss all your group ride buddies cuz they will be there
B: Go get a hotel room next to the start line friday night and pre ride the course.
C: Do 100 miles on friday, drive the morning off, not preregister and expect to get in, race with pump and seat bag and try to win, but not care if you dont.
D: Go three nights before and camp in a tent in the national forest down the road.

A car passes you on the road with bikes on top on the roof rack.................

A: Give them a friendly wave
B: Check out the equipment on the roof out of the corner of your eye.
C: think of how your car looks so pro without a roof rack
D: wave at them from the bus stop.

If you answered mostly:

A, then you are a pretty normal cycling enthusiast and are probably not reading my diary so i will not go on with this one.

B, then you are a total bike dork, there is nothing bad about that, but just beware that some people dont get as excited about bikes as you so please dont bug everyone with bike talk. But please keep buying stuff, Especially things like Giant bikes, Maxxis Tires, Shimano Dura Ace, Descente Clothing and Reynolds wheels.

C: If you are not already pro, you should be. Send out a resume to every pro team director immediately.

D: You are a dirty Mountain biker or a Mountain biker that has just converted over to the road. There really isnt too much bad about being you, but i just wont allow you in my house, my car or on any group rides I organize. If you answered mostly D, then you believe that a great cheap date is the girl not showing up. Mountain biking is you, stick with it.

Lots more of his good stuff here.


Steve Weixel said...

Looks like Was mostly A with some C

Anonymous said...

Apparently I should be a pro.

dr-nitro said...

Oh yeah, I'm a pro.