Monday, July 28, 2008

Food Prizes!

I love food prizes! This was a prime I won in the SLO crit. Maybe nobody else was sprinting, I don't know. A few laps later, I didn't even twitch a muscle for the $50 cash prime... I had already scored these beautiful berries.

Over the years, I've also won a Cherry Pie, a HUGE tub of almonds, coffee, beer, and several bottles of wine. Many restaurant gift certificates too, but that's not the same.

There's something primal about sprinting ...hunting... for food. At some basic level, I suppose we humans are wired to pursue only two things, one of which is probably not suitable for a bike-race prize(*). That leaves the other: food.

(*) -- There are exceptions of course. Years ago, the Tour de Nez in Reno offered up a unique prime ...a gift certificate to the Mustang Ranch! (Click that link at your own risk, i.e., not at work or with children nearby.)

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