Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Training Week -- 7/7 - 7/13

A lot of extended high-aerobic-zone work, and one really long ride. No hint of knee trouble at all. The Stick is great!

Mon: 0.5 hr; recovery pace
Tue: 1 hr; OSM
Wed: 3 hr; Gibraltar + east East Camino Cielo
Thu: 1.5 hr; 2x OSM, 15:28 first time, then short intervals
Fri: 0 hr
Sat: 6.5 hr; Goleta to Rose Valley and back, climbed hard
Sun: 3 hr; Worlds, a few hard efforts, inc. Bates

Total: 15.5 hrs


meh-wee-uhn said...

One of my best thrift store finds to date: The Stick for $2 at Alpha Thrift (Hollister & Fairview).

I saw a kid playing with it, trying to figure out what it was and I could barely contain myself & wait until he lost interest in it.

Marco Fanelli said...

meh-wee-uhn! That was a total score!! Who would be so crazy to give away a Stick?? Hey, if you ever run across a similar thrift-shop deal for a power meter, be sure to let me know, k?

btw, I've walked into hotels with The Stick sticking out of my bag and noticed the hotel staff eyeing it curiously. Makes me wonder what they think I do with it up in my room...