Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pepper Fiesta!

Tomatoes may be the #1 favorite plant to grow in the summer garden, but peppers are a close 2nd for me. They grow in a wide variety of conditions, and they tolerate neglect. Maybe they even thrive on it! Currently I've got over 30 pepper plants growing, ten different varieties ranging from sweet bell peppers (shown in the picture above) to jalapenos to habaneros. You might be thinking, "what can you possibly do with all those peppers?" Well, it's great to have them around fresh. After my ride today I chopped and sauteed a couple in some scrambled eggs. When the quantity gets overwhelming, we freeze a bunch. Nice to have for winter batches of chili. I've dried and crushed them. You can even make a "tea" with hot peppers to spray on plants and repel pests.

Now my only problem is I don't remember which ones were hot and which ones were REALLY hot. Any volunteer testers?


John Orach said...

My wife would test them for you. But oh God, I hate ........ and I know "hate" is a strong word ......... absolutely HATE peppers. Bell, jalepeno, doesn't matter, I consider them all poisonous. They infect everything they come in contact with that pepperish taste. Ugh. Man, I'm freaking out just looking at your photo. They look great as far as peppers go, and I'm sure all the pepper lovers out there are drooling......but I'm throwing a fit just seeing all those varieties. Good job with those, but they'll never touch my lips. Call me when your Jose Cuervo plant blooms. Good luck Saturday and I'll see you Sunday!

Marco Fanelli said...

Oh, haven't I mentioned my Agave plants and Tequila still?? But seriously, do you not like salsa or guac?! How can you live in Southern California and not like salsa?

See you at SLO.

Anonymous said...

Serrano's are generally hotter, don't forget you can also stuff bell peppers with lots of tasty goodies, like meat, cheese or short grain brown rice with mushrooms, mmmmmmm!!

TnA said...

Speaking of backyard produce, I've got a couple Haas avocados I'm planning on turning into some guacamole tonight...our little tree is going to have a bumper crop later this year. Same with our lime and lemon trees. Must've been the ash from last year's fire fertilizing everything since, as is obvious, the plants in our yard are very carefully neglected ;-) We'll have to trade some produce sometime.

Marco Fanelli said...

Right on TnA!! I'll trade pretty much anything for some avos.