Friday, July 04, 2008

More Gap Fire

Here's the best map I've seen so far of the Gap Fire's extent:

...which I found here. Obviously you'll need to manipulate the map on that website to zoom in.

I took some more pics yesterday:

Probably not the smartest thing to do, but a few of us climbed OSM at lunch yesterday, despite the approaching smoke and fire. Tall flames were visible initially, but as we descended we saw the Borate Bombers and these helicopters attacking it. They seemed to be making good progress and we didn't see any more flames. Then the wind kicked up later and the fire expanded again.

We walked around the block after dinner, but the air was rancid and not so many people were out. The sheriffs had Cathedral Oaks Rd. closed so that the emergency vehicles could pass without interference from Lookie Loos. A lot of firetrucks came through!

You must admit, the fire makes for some spectacular lighting!

Also, as for bike riding, today was fine down south of SB but I wouldn't be riding around Goleta or even Noleta. Even if there's no smoke or ash falling, all that junk on the ground gets kicked up with the slightest breeze (like from a bike or car).


Steve Weixel said...

Damn, that's heading right at our neigborhood :o

Btw, I saw you sneak by when we were getting the lecture from the CHP today :|

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you, your neighbors and the firefighters working your area. Hope goes well.

Marco Fanelli said...

Thank you. The latest news is good: the eastern and southern edges are pretty well controlled, and that's where most of the people are. Our house is one block south of the mandatory-evacuation region, but I think those people have now been allowed back. We really lucked out this time by not having the big sundowner winds that caused all the problems with the Painted Cave fire.

Steve Weixel said...

Looks like the narrowed it on the eastern edge, but our house (Patterson) is still included. On the Cal Fire page they are showing 24% containment now. Maybe tomorrow we will be able to get back in. I am confident at least that our house is relatively safe, and now I think it is just a matter of them not wanting cars and people in the way of the firefighters.

jen said...

so heart the geomac. that thingy is sweet.

Steve Weixel said...

Update: I got a call that they are letting us back in :)

Kk said...

Trout Club survived another night, bluer skies looking of the battle on the 4th up on the blog. Yeah, great map!